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100 Movies in 2010

Everyone does this, why can't I?!?!
Even though I don't really watch that much movies, I'm gonna try and get this thing filled out.
...btw, I'm including like Music Documentaries and stuff, I mean, they still count right!!!
It looked cool, don't blame me.

001 High School Musical 3
002 Lamb of God: Walk With Me In Hell
003 Paranormal Activity
004 Avatar 3D
005 December Boys
006 The Hangover
007 Inglorious Basterds
008 Lamb of God: Killadelphia
009 Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
010 Charlie & Boots
011 The Island
012 Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

DUDE. I saw Avatar in 3D the other day...just...OMG. AMAZING MUCH?!?!? Anyone else seen it??!!
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R.I.P. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

So, I spent the day today in the city [spending Christmas money :P] and on the train back, I borrow my mates phone to check Twitter and see the James Sullivan, aka The Reverend Tholomew Plague; drummer of my favourite band Avenged Sevenfold; has passed away, aged 28.


This is unbelievable. My whole life has revolved around this band. As you can even see, all of my damn usernames are named after them! Five men got me through every important moment of my life. They were my inspiration, my heroes. Now, a piece of that is gone. Without The Rev, Avenged Sevenfold can never be the same again. Nothing will ever be the same again.

The moment I heard I could not believe my ears. 28? Really? TWENTY FUCKING EIGHT? No. No way. Eurghh. I immediately started crying, yes, breaking down on the train. After the tears stopped running I was shaking. And ever since that moment I've had on and off really bad headaches and it's killing me. It really is.

And no, it's not just anyone. The Rev will never be JUST ANYONE.
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i'll try to be a better LJ-er.

I hardly post anything here anymore, Twitter took over my life. Sorry. I'll try harder from now on. Well, a few weeks ago I had a reason for disappearing - Work Experience, AKA pure hell.

I had to work in some retail store called Harris Scarfe...from 9 - 5:30 for a whole 4 days.

Day one:
Fell over stairs. No, not steps. STAIRS. My ankle has a massive cut a long it now, and it was purple for like a week >__< NOT GOOD. Stacked shelves ALL DAY.

Day two:
Woke up with fucking stiff legs, holy shit I couldnt walk properly. Got introduced to the Harris Scarfe 'survival kit'. A pocket knfe, red texta, black texta, scissors and sticky tape. Lethal shit I tell you. All I did allday was write signs for stock and sniff permanent markers er, admire the epicness that is permanent markers. SUCCESS IS MINE <3

Day three:
Ran into an employee that looked EXACTLY like a Masterchef contestant named Andre. Everytime he walked past I'd stop and stare and drool. Then I stacked $350 casserole dish thingies for the rest of the day. However, they gave me a full one hour break which was awesome!

Day four: [Last day hell yeaaaaa]
Only stacked a few shelves and then cut up boxes. Met another Work Experience girl, pretty much did nothing but chat all day. Aweeeesome <3

And throughout those 4 days of hell, guess how much I got paid altogether? $20. YES, 20 FUCKING DOLLARS. Oh shit, kill me now lmao. I hate work experience.

To anyone who works in retail, I respect you sooooooo much.

Oh and look what I got for FREE:
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35 WWE Headers

Hey everyone.
Here's another set of headers. In here contains a few requests people did and a few others I made... In alphabetical order...sorta...

This post contains the following headers:
1 Batista ◦ 1 John Cena ◦ 2 Chris Jericho ◦ 1 Cryme Tyme ◦ 2 Edge ◦ 1 Edgeheads ◦ 1 Evan Bourne ◦ 3 Jeff Hardy ◦ 1 Kane ◦ 1 Kennedy ◦ 1 Matt Hardy ◦ 1 Matt Striker ◦ 1 Miz and Morrison ◦ 1 MVP ◦ 3 Johnny Nitro ◦ 3 CM Punk ◦ 2 Randy Orton ◦ 1 Rey Mysterio ◦ 1 Santino Marella ◦ 2 Shannon Moore ◦ 1 Shawn Michaels ◦  1 Triple H ◦ 1 The Undertaker 1 Lita and Gregory Helms ◦ 1 John Cena and Randy Orton

Everything under the cut is in thumbnail form (sig size) so you have nothing to worry about.


ALL HERE @ the NEW schoolie_gfx 

Dont forget to join
schoolie_gfx  schoolie_gfx  schoolie_gfx 
lamb of god » tiger style!

17 WWE Headers

I made one header of each of these superstars:
Edge ◦ CM Punk ◦ Randy Orton ◦ Triple H ◦ Chris Jericho ◦ Jeff Hardy ◦ Shawn Michaels ◦ John Cena ◦ MVP ◦ Ted DiBiase ◦ Cody Rhodes ◦ John Morrison ◦ The Miz ◦ Rey Mysterio ◦ Matt Hardy ◦ Mr Kennedy ◦  Batista

They're all in thumbnail form (sig size) under the cut so you have nothing to worry about. Just click the ones you want to view.


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50 Avenged Sevenfold icons for icons50

for icons50   
Name of subject: Avenged Sevenfold
Icon numbers: 1-50
Resources: Well for the photos I dont know because I used some that I got way back in grade 6, and for the light and fractal textures heartthepretty    && for the textures I used in 41-50 bleedblack_rsc   
Warnings/Notes: This is kinda my third -attempt- at making icons so yeah. Anyways, please credit if you use any of them :)


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